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Ways We Help

Fund we raise will go toward supporting:


Goal to partner with Pennington biomedical research or another company to conduct a study on maternal mental health with emphasis on BIPOC and other communities.

- Identify gaps in maternal mental health care in Louisiana

- Partner with and promote various therapy and counseling services within the community and surrounding areas

- Host community events to bring awareness of the availability and accessibility of therapy and counseling services

- Partner with Empower225 to reach the 70805 community, which are at increased risk for MMH conditions


Goal to open up maternal mental health crisis centers that provide:

- Meal prep assistance

- Laundry assistance

- 24/7 Child care assistance

- Single mom crisis center to include developing respite program for children

- Facilitating a maternal mental health peer support program that is supported throughout the state of Louisiana that will be initiated in Baton Rouge, La


Increase access to maternal mental health care for all moms by:

- Supplementing or covering the cost of care.

- Increasing access by facilitating and coordinating with the state of Louisiana to improve coverage by insurance through legislative endeavors.

- Raising awareness of maternal mental health

- Organize educational events.

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